The News is Exciting!This year one of the semi-finalists for the title of Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen 2016 will be determined by the public, rather than the panel of judges.  You can vote for your favorite contestant below using your credit card or PayPal Account.
$1 = 1 Vote and you can vote as many times as you wish or you can enter the full amount of votes that you wish to cast at one time.  The contestant with the most votes will be named “Florida’s Star Teen” and will become one of the Top 11 Semi-Finalists on the final night of the 2016 Miss Florida Pageant. If the contestant with the most votes is already a Top 10 semi-finalist, the next contestant with the highest votes will become a semi-finalist.
All proceeds benefit the Scholarship Program of the Miss Florida Scholarship Pageant, Inc.  Just click the DONATE button next to the contestant you wish to vote for which should then redirect you to the PayPal site. At the PayPal site, you will need to enter the amount of votes you wish to submit on behalf of your favorite contestant in the “unit price” box at the top of the page.
Click on “update total” to secure your donation amount and then complete your credit card information or log onto your PayPal account to finish the transaction.  When finished, you should receive an email receipt of your vote from PayPal – all votes will remain completely confidential.
You can enter as many votes (dollars) that you would like to donate at one time – you do not have to enter $1 each time you want to cast a vote.  You can enter the full amount you want to donate for your favorite contestant and each dollar donated will count toward her total number of votes.  For example, $20.00 = 20 votes.

July 1, 2016 at 6:00 pm

Support your favorite Outstanding Teen contestant and the Miss Florida Scholarship Pageant today!